Happy New Year 2019

No new travel adventures to report.  Sadly we have have been home in our Northeast Michigan sticks n bricks with no concrete evacuation date on the calendar.  We are roughly planning to blow out of here sometime before March and head to Texas and then on to the great Southwest.  Sedona, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon are on our list.  Will keep you posted.

In the meantime I have been sorting and shredding old papers.  I unearthed this Christmas Letter I wrote tongue in cheek back in 2002.  I posted it as a joke with the other Christmas letters at an office that I cleaned.  ( kinda back fired- lost that job soon after-oops!)

December 2002

Dear friends and family,

Another unbelievable year for us.  It started with an unexpected “addition” to our family and home when Uncle Moe’s Winnebago died in our driveway in February.  But since then we have been able to make him and his two German Shepard’s, ” Legg-off” and “Big-Pee” quite comfy with the clever use of extension cords, hoses and a few 55 gallon drum dump tanks.  We were able to provide him with free cable too- with aid from our new friend that Lumex met last summer in Marlette (more on Marlette later.)  BTW: Uncle Moe wants me to extend an invite to any single ladies that would like a tour of the Winnebago to come for a visit anytime.

George and Mother visited my sister in Vegas this year.  She is working in the “entertainment” area of the casinos.  George says he was quite impressed by the sparkly outfits that they provide her with.  He has arranged for her to come and visit us in exchange for the awesome dance moves she is going to teach me.  ( He is installing some kind of pole in our bedroom too – for some reason- I don’t know.)

We took what was supposed to be a quick trip to the Upper and got held over for an extended stay in Marlette.  There was some confusion about the six cartons of cigarettes and ten cases of beer that Lumex loaded into the car at a grocery stop. The clerk was busy and Lumex thought to save some time he would put the stuff in the car first and then go back to pay.  The store got quite stuffy about it and Lumex ended up sharing a cell, I mean ROOM with Fingers ( his new friend that helped with the cable) for the summer.  We did meet a real nice lawyer because of all this and I only have to clean his office for three years to pay our bill.  Isn’t it wonderful how life’s challenges keep just working out?

Ella Bella is doing just fine at the alternative school.  She sure is a feisty little darling!  I don’t know where all that assertiveness comes from, but her old school says the bite marks and bruising on the other children are healing just fine.

George is hoping to start a new job soon, somewhere where his creative accounting skills will be more appreciated.

Me- I have developed many new recipes using the government cheese and beans we get each week.  I keep busy writing letters to Mother.  She stayed out near Vegas with Bronco Bill, he has a lovely 1962 VW Van that is very homey.

Cheers and best wishes to all,

The Cleaner Family

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Letter.  Many wishes to all for a wonderful new year full of joy and adventures.  Hopefully this Bad Grandma and her beloved hubby will resume travels soon.








































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