Homeward bound

Once we left Theodore Roosevelt National Park, John was on a mission to get us home.  The first day he drove 452 miles to Sauk Center, Minnesota.  We got a nice shady pull through for our one night stop at Sinclair Lewis Park.  Shortly thereafter the campground manager stopped by and jokingly tell us we “better behave” as he had placed another Michigan couple next door to us.

I imagine our surprise, when shortly thereafter a lady walked over and pointed at John and declared “you paint rocks” and at me to say “and your name is Kathleen.”  Turns out she and I had “met” previously through a Facebook RV site and we had shared with each other where we both lived in Michigan and we were both planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest during June and July.  When she checked into the RV park and he told her another Michigan couple would be her neighbors and a little about where we had traveled she made the connection.  Hugs and laughter followed. Small world!  It was great fun to meet Margo and Mike from Alpena, Michigan and chat with them.  They travel with two small dogs and a talking cockatiel.  We are hoping to plan a meet-up with them again soon.

The next day we drove 295 miles to Wasau, Wisconsin, we overnight-ed at a county park that is home for the county fair.  We were very comfortable under a stand of tall fir trees and a playground view.


Our last night of our trip turned out to be an awesome stop and the perfect trip ending stay.  We were able to sang a nice shady site at the National Forest Campground along Highway 2 about 15 miles west of the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  A short walk up and over a small wooded dune and we were on a lovely long Lake Michigan beach.  The water was wonderful, the air temp perfect and with a nice light breeze no flies or bugs bothered us.  The view of Lake Michigan’s water and waves was suburb! For dinner we had Upper Peninsula’s classic pasties (meat pies.)   It cooled off quite nicely in the evening so our lack of electricity for the air conditioner was not a problem.  I can’t imagine a more perfect ending for our perfectly awesome adventure.

John woke extra early and on a mission for home so we were rolling across the Mighty Mac before 6 a.m.  We dropped the fifth wheel off on our property over in Hale and arrived home safe and sound after 8,600 plus miles and 70 days!   What a wonderful awesome adventure!  It turned out to be even better than we had imagined.  Our only complaint we said over and over is “we need more time.”  Three and four days at most stops wasn’t enough for us to feel we had really explored each park.

Thank you for following our travels.  Making new friends, sharing John’s rocks and seeing our beautiful USA was awesome. We have two Northern Michigan trips lined up for August and September, so our wheels will be rolling again soon.

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