Seattle, Washington

July 8-10, Sun – Tues  Kanaskat-Palmer State Park SE of Seattle, Washington.  Kanaskat-Palmer was recommended to me by a ranger back in March when I was mapping our trip.  He said it would have large treed sites near the river.  All true- but he didn’t warn me that there would be no cell service at all.  If we drive up to the park entrance, we can sometimes pick up a signal but not always.  It is a gorgeous campground though, and we had a nice stay there.

Our main plan for Seattle was to visit our niece, Sara and her boyfriend Aaron.  They are both Michigan transplants.  On Monday we drove through mad crazy big city traffic complete with criss-crossing freeways, tunnels under layers of freeways and multiple bridges to their apartment home in Northern Seattle.  After a tour of their new to them apartment, we settled in for a fun visit and good conversations. They recently downsized to a smaller apartment and are discovering that they enjoy the minimalist lifestyle more and more.  Sara and Aaron are adventurists and dream of hitting the roads in some kind of RV someday.  We encouraged them to take advantage of their youth and good health and travel now, even if its camping in a car or a $20 Craigslist tent.  America’s National Parks, monuments and adventures await.  Good healthy legs and knees provide the best way to see and experience them to the fullest.

After a yummy Seattle bistro meal (Thank-you again Aaron and Sara) Aaron drove us up to a look out spot for a fantastic view of downtown Seattle, the Space Needle and all the boats large and small  in Puget Sound.  We could see Mount Rainier’s snowy peaks rising up into the sky far away.  Aaron did a did a downtown drive-through tour for us, we were so glad that we weren’t the drivers as the traffic was crazy busy.  Aaron and Sara rely on public transit whenever they can, much easier than driving their cars.  A surprise to me was the steep ups and downs of Seattle’s streets.  In the residential area compact cars were squeezed into and along every inch of street front and drives.  A real parking challenge. Our truck was a beast among the little’s.   Mount Rainier blessed us with her face several times as we made our way back to camp.  So ghostly majestic, rising up almost like a sky painting way off in the distance.

Our second Seattle day we amused ourselves enjoying our campground and prepping for hosting Sara and Aaron for dinner.  We walked a wooded trail down to the river where there were lots of rocks and children playing in the shallow rapids.  I went for a little wade but the the rocks were slippery and my old legs were wobbly so I quit pretty quick. John settled into rock painting at the picnic table while I went for groceries.  Sadly, Seattle traffic delayed Aaron’s work commute so in the end they weren’t able to come for dinner after all.  We went ahead and cooked up the fresh salmon I had brought from Forks, plus grilled chicken and fresh veggies.  It was a lovely feast that provided us with leftovers for a no-cook day to follow.  With no cell, no TV, and no internet to distract us we enjoyed a nice fire after dinner.

The next morning we officially turned our rig and eyes East towards Glacier National Park and ultimately home.













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