Olympic National Park, Washington

Hoping to do a big catch up the blog over the next days.  No we didn’t drop off the face of the earth,  just no and very poor internet everywhere we go.

July 5-9 Thursday-Monday Our campsite at Three Rivers (privately owned park) near Forks, Washington is fairly new, immaculate and apparently by the presence of fish cleaning stations, fish stamped into the concrete and many fishing boats, popular with fisherman.  The park is owned by Gary and Leigh a very pleasant couple that built the park up from a “field filled with old stumps.”  When we arrived, Gary saw John struggling with backing the RV into our site.  Very unusual for John, he is usually pretty impressive with his slick backing skills, but due to a stiff neck (and maybe some less than stellar guidance from me) he had two unsuccessful attempts at backing into our spot just right.  Gary stopped and chatted a minute and the next thing I see is John relinquishing his truck for Gary to back in for us!  Gary must be one smooth salesman for John to let go of the wheel – but in minutes he had us parked and we finished setting up. Sweet!

We stayed four nights with gave us time to spend exploring the town of Forks,(famous for filming of the the Twilight movies) go to the museum (where John left a rock in good hands and we found a pay phone as in “exhibit of an old relic”) , take a nice circle hike behind the visitor center, have a pizza lunch and get haircuts.  All on the first day!  I asked for my hair to be cut short and HOLY COW! I am military ready!  Lucky for me, my hair grows super fast, so I’m not too obsessed with it. After hair cuts we checked out the many rocks at Rialto Beach.

The next day we drove Ho-Ho Rain Forest.  We took two circle hikes through the moss clad forest of trees. What a beautiful place! Very cathedral like with the tall, tall trees draped with moss way above our heads.  The pathway took us to a mountain stream and followed it a ways.   Again I say “truly awesome!”


Day three was our last day near the ocean, so we packed a picnic lunch and spent the day at First Beach.  One of my favorite days so far I think.  The upper shoreline is populated with massive driftwood trees.  Many with their root structure still attached.  Imagine the power of the winter storms that ripped them from their land homes and then sailed them on the seas to be tossed onto this beach.  According to a frequent visitor that we chatted with, each winter the storms and high waters toss them around and then they settle into new spots on the beach.

We used one of the giant root masses for a windbreak and settled our chairs beside it.  While we were there the morning fog lifted giving us great views of the the giant sea stacks and the rocky masses rising at the bay edges.  It felt so good to watch/listen to the waves roll in and walk along the waters edge.  The beach was popular with surfers and kayakers all wearing wet suits as the water was very cold.  Another absolutely terrific and beautiful day among the many we have experienced so far on this trip.  OH! Another fun thing – John found a rock!  Bee Kind – with a bee on it. He posted it on the Face Book Montana Rocks site.  He re-hid in the big tree trunk where we had our lunch. Fun!

On Sunday morning it was time to hook up and head out towards Seattle Washington.

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