Oregon Coast

Wednesday-Saturday June 20-23:  We drove 146 miles north on 101 up the Oregon coastline.  Beautiful highway, loads of pullouts giving stunning ocean views and wide beaches.  Of course pulling the 5r, we were limited to pull offs with visible RV maneuvering room.  You don’t want to pull in and discover too late that there isn’t room to turn the RV around.

As we drive there are numerous signs warning us that we are either in a tsunami hazard zone or are leaving a tsunami hazard zone. Some other non-Michigan signs: CONGESTION, GUST or sometimes GUSTS, and then (our favorite) SPEED HUMP. Yeah, I know,  we are still in middle school.        .149B095E-E614-41C3-AF76-11581F2BA345-16509-0000117DA9A2D3D2

We spent the night at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park  then continued up the coast to Beverly Beach State Park for a two night stop.  The beach was a short walk from our camp site.  Cool and windy but populated by beach walkers, lots of dogs and surf waders.  No swimmers, too cold and I suspect could be dangerous with the big surf.  We’ve been blessed with lots of terrific weather, warm enough for summer clothes, adding a sweatshirt in the wind, and then cooling overnight to the low 50’s.  We haven’t had to listen to the roar of the air conditioner in weeks.

On Friday we drove a little north of Beverly Beach, this time we were able to make numerous pull-off stops, as the RV was back at camp.  Our destination, DePoc Bay known for whale watching.  Success!  Upon our arrival a whale obliged, showing up to blow in the bay in front of the whale watch station.  He did a nice show of his tail as well.  We ended up seeing numerous whales as we walked along the bay sidewalk.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch at a water side park.

John left his trail of rocks.  Some on the bridge behind our site that lead to a camp walking trail and others at the pull-offs along 101.  It is funny how many people will walk right by a painted rock sitting atop a fence post, with out noticing it.


Saturday:  We continued north with the RV to Tillamook, home of Tillamook Cheese and Tillamook Creamery.  A self-guided tour gave us a birds eye view of the factory floor with plenty of signage to tell the cheese making process story.  The workers were moving pretty fast to keep up with the conveyor as forty pound blocks of aged cheese were cut and wrapped into smaller two pound blocks.  We couldn’t leave without buying cheese and ice cream cones.  Very yummy.  Busy too. We didn’t find out until we had left that the factory tour and visitor center was on day two of its grand reopening after an extensive remodel.

Once we left the cheese factory we opted to spend the night nearby at Wilson River RV Park.  We had planned to spend a free night at a winery east of here, but we chose to pay for a stay where there was internet and phone service.  Our Oregon Park stops had very poor cell service and no internet access at all. If you noticed a delay in my posts it was due to that.  By the way- if you like reading this blog, please leave a comment.  It would be nice to know who is reading.

On Sunday we will go to the Colombian Gorge area east of Portland.

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