Crescent City, California Day Three

Monday, Tuesday, June 18-19:  Our remaining days in Crescent City we explored the redwoods south of Crescent City, taking the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway through Prairie Creek State Park.  We walked the Lady Bird Johnson Grove and several other short hiking loops.  Picture more giant trees surrounded by green forest, gorgeous views and lots of wildflowers thrown in on top to sweeten things more.  AND NO MOSQUITOES!!!  How awesome it that?

We saw a group of elk with enormous antlers, at ease in the long grass near the roadside.

I discovered a Fuschia BUSH exploding with blooms right in our campground.  At home Fuschia are very tender and only show up in summer hanging baskets.  So neat to find them plus Rhododendron and Azalea bushes blooming away as wild plants throughout the woods.

Our departure on Wednesday was delayed due to John having a sick stomach.  We talked about staying another night and the campground staff kindly shuffled incoming campers around so that we could stay again, but around noon John rallied enough to hitch up and travel north to Oregon and our next stop.

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