Crescent City, California

Saturday, Sunday June 16, 17:  We made it! California! IMG_2995 We checked into Redwood RV Resort just north of Crescent City on highway 101, a highway famous for its coastal view points.  Our campground’s RV sites are nestled under a canopy of giant redwood trees.  But first order of business- the ocean!!!

The Crescent City beach was sunny but very windy.  We settled our chairs next to a giant driftwood log to block the wind and ran to sink our feet into the icy Pacific water.  Paint us joyful, ecstatic and satisfied to fulfill this bucket list dream.  What a glorious day!

From the beach we took a short coastal drive up to Crescent Beach Overlook for the stunning views of the beach and ocean waves rolling in.

On Sunday morning, following the recommendation of a very knowledgeable and helpful volunteer at the Hiochi Visitor Center we took the truck along Howland Hill Drive inside Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. A very scenic narrow gravel road that winds through the redwoods forest.  Our volunteer suggested several places to pull off to follow trails to experience the redwoods closeup.  Jaw Dropping!  Beyond HUGE!  Incredible!  So amazing – so glad we could experience seeing these spectacular trees.  How many pictures of BIG trees should I share?  See the K + J carved into the cut tree?  We found it- but did NOT do the carving! Honest.

We bit off a a longer walk than we had planned by taking a wrong turn on the intended easy half mile loop at Stout Grove.  We ended up walking at least a mile or more coming out on Howland Hill Road a good distance from where we had parked.  We were saved by a kind couple from Washington State, who gave us a much appreciated lift back to our vehicle.

After our long- long walk we passed by the next two pull off trails and proceeded to inch our way along the path of the road as it snaked its way through the trees.  Plenty to see, without leaving the seat of the truck anyway.

The road ended near the beach in Crescent City. After checking out the harbor seals, we carried our chairs down to the beach and enjoyed our picnic lunch.  It wasn’t nearly so windy as Saturday and the water felt a wee bit warmer too.  We watched children running and splashing in the frothy foam of the rolling waves as surfers in wet suits paddled out and waited for the right waves to ride in.  Most fun of all was a big German Shepherd dog in complete doggy joy as he galloped and swam through the surf chasing down his indestructible looking doggy beach-ball.  We went for our walk down the beach admiring washed up crabs and pieces of sand dollar shells.  Just another day – living the dream!

John hid two rocks.  A horse rock on the campground playground structure was found by a young girl and her mom posted a picture on RVing rocks.  He hid another at the harbor.  Wonder how long before someone spots it?  Remember the fawn rock?  Its been found and hid two more times since it was left near Craters of the Moon.  Fun stuff.



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