Selma, Oregon

Friday, Saturday June 15-16:  We spent two nights at Lake Selmac County Park near Selma, Oregon: very nicely wooded, peaceful mountain views, pretty lake, albeit taken over by geese, very poor Verizon service and no satellite TV for the Tailgater.  Thankfully the campground hosts allowed us to move from our original site, as upon arrival we discovered that I had reserved the most un-level and hard to get into site in the whole campground! IMG_2994

I had originally planned that we would go to Oregon Caves National Monument, but the description of navigating 500+ slippery wet steps and having to stoop over while walking sounded too much like someones creepy basement.  Per John: “we’ve done caves before.”  Plus blue skies and perfect temps beckoned us to stay outdoors.

We made our excursion to Eight Mile Mountain Botanical Area.  We found a nice boardwalk winding through an area near the mountain base with good close up views of trees and plants including carnivorous “Darlingtonia California” or commonly called the Pitcher Plant or Cobra Lily.  Beautiful in its strangeness, the Pitcher Plant looks like a ballooned up cobra, and it eats insects.  We saw lots of other mountain wildflowers as well, a bonus of early summer travel.

We stopped in for a shop at Taylor’s Sausage, a well known and very popular meat store in Caves Junction.  Then home again, we had a nice grilled chicken dinner and a campfire, our first fire this trip.  A serenely beautiful day.

Our neighbors, on a two month holiday from Germany, are traveling in a rented RV throughout western USA.  Before we left John gave them this nice barn rock and hid another at the wash house.

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