Sunday, June 10:  Big driving day for us.  Over 350 miles to an overnight stop in Burns, Oregon. Many miles of hills, mountains, ranches, farm fields, range cattle, rugged and barren looking land of rocks, sage brush and more rocks.  We drove over Stinking Creek, through Rattlesnake Gulch and past Rattling Bones Ranch.  I don’t know where Idaho grows all their potatoes, but definitely not on our route!

Very few options for RV stops so we were happy to find Burns RV park in Burns, Oregon.  Neat, clean and level sites with electricity, all we need for a comfortable overnight. Benefiting from another time zone change, we checked in at 3:00, (6:00 in Michigan.)  In the morning, John left a funny “thumbthing” rock and a sunset rock and we headed out.

We stopped for breakfast at the Juniper Cafe, recommended by our camp host and shared two breakfasts.  Biscuits and gravy, eggs, hash browns, bacon, another biscuit with homemade strawberry jam. Every thing homemade by the Amish(?) and served in a tent alongside their food stand.  YUM!!!  Perfect start for our remaining 200 mile drive to Collier Memorial State Park in Oregon.

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