Crater Lake National Park

Monday-Wednesday, June 11-13:  Our adventure gets better and better.  I chose Collier Memorial State Park as our base camp for exploring Crater Lake.  Collier is a beautiful state park with spacious camp sites under towering pines.  Full hookups too, unusual for a State Park.  Since we are staying three nights we made ourselves comfortable, setting up our Clam screen house for the first time.  Living up to its reputation as an easy sett-up, it went up easy peasy.  John messed around for awhile with his tailgater before giving up.  No TV for this stay, too many trees blocking the satellite signal.  Collier is also the home of very bold cheeky chipmunks. One tried climbing right on my lap!

Tuesday morning we both suffered from lazy bum-itus, as we sat and sucked coffee until 9 a.m. – remember in Michigan that would be noon!  We finally shifted, made breakfast, packed lunch and put dinner in the crock pot and took off to see Crater Lake National Park.  This beautiful lake sits atop a mountain where a massive volcano erupted 7,700 years ago, leaving a deep blue lake where there once was a mountain peak.

Words cannot do justice to its beauty.  We took a bunch of pictures but they too will fall short.  We were able to drive a little over half of the 33 mile rim road that loops around the lake at the mountain top.  The rest of the the loop road was still closed due to snow.  There was ample drifts of snow alongside the road and in the shady areas.  The road has many pull-offs to viewing areas and short hikes to spectacular views.  Parts of the Rim Road have sheer drop offs at the edges and no shoulders.  I did NOT like that part!  I also could not handle people with young children who let them run, trip and skid near the non OSHA approved cliff edges that drop down hundreds of feet or more towards the lake.  A young man scared us all as his tennis shoes slipped on the dirt mound next to a huge drop off.  The sight and sound of his slipping feet darn near made my heart stop!

But despite all my anxiety it was spectacular day.  So much beauty and stunning views, the lake’s ‘amazing intense blue color, the rocky snow capped peaks soaring to the sky, the stately and cathedral like old growth forests took my breath away numerous time.  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to experience these wondrous places with my beloved hubby.  Life is good!



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