Pocatello, Idaho The Museum of Clean

June 6-7 Thursday, Friday:  We crossed into Idaho!  A new state for us.  Valleys and mountains, livestock and a few pronghorn antelope welcome us to the potato state.  Our destination being The Museum of Clean in Pocatello.  Turned out to be a great stop.

The museum houses the worlds largest collection of cleaning devices.  Artfully displayed, with lots of humorous tags inside a 100+ year old nicely restored building.  We were given a warm welcome by Brad the director and then Don Aslett, owner and founder came out of his office and gave us a tour of the first floor.  Don (83) is an enchanting,  hugely successful owner of a nationwide janitorial business, who has authored 40 or more books on cleaning and organizing your stuff, your life and the world around you.  He had numerous TV appearances on shows like Oprah and Johnny Carson.  His enthusiasm for all things cleaning related is the basis of the museum.  He obviously loves his museum and the people who come to visit.  He even gifted us two of his books!  I saw the old wringer washer my mother had when I was little.  I remember her squeezing her fingers in it once and needing a hospital visit that ended with the sawing off of her wedding band. There were all kinds of ancient carpet cleaners, most looked like you would work up a heck of a sweat, hand cranking them or operating a foot pump to get a tiny bit of suction.

After our tour, I walked around the corner to a great brew pub and ordered a pizza to go.  Had a glass of good craft beer and a friendly chat with the brew-master while I waited for the pizza.  John and I enjoyed the excellent pizza in our RV and then we pulled the RV into the shade and spent the night right there in the clean (of course!) parking lot.  In the morning John left a rock at the museum door, next to the newspaper and we headed out for Arco, Idaho, close to the Craters of the Moon National Monument.


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