Salt Lake City, Utah

Wednesday, Thursday, June 5-6:  Entering Salt Lake City is quite a roller coaster, with the highway climbing and descending only to climb again.  We spotted the Olympic Ski Training Facility on the side of a mountain.  We had two other interesting sightings.  First a moose!  Unfortunately dead, on the side of the road.  But so odd, no water anywhere, rugged mountain terrain, not a place you would expect a moose.  Soon after we saw a big Dall Sheep ram resting on a steep hillside adjacent to the highway.  He was HUGE, like a cow almost.

We checked into our “camp” for two nights.  Camp consists of ten RV sites lined up behind a hotel, next to a Flying J truck plaza where nearly a hundred semi trucks park for the night.  No problem for us, our site is on the end tucked against some trees and grass, quite comfortable and considerably cheaper ($25/night) then the KOA at $63/night.

This morning began with the discovery of my first big navigation fail.  I had picked our camp location for its close proximity to Antelope Island State Park.  The park has a large bison herd, lots of other wildlife, hiking trails and the island is in The Great Salt Lake.  I was dismayed to discover that we although we were close to the park the only entrance was over an hour away.  Plus when we called the visitor center we were warned that the biting gnats or no-see-ums had hatched in force.  A change of plans was made.

First we found access to the lake from the back side of a parking lot.  We made a longish tramp across the smelly, salty sand so that we could do a wade in The Great Salt Lake.  With that bucket list item crossed off we headed to the city.

The Natural History Museum of Utah attracted us as outdoor temps were headed to the 90’s.  The museum features many artifacts from Utah’s prehistoric peoples plus a HUGE display of dinosaur skeleton bone fossils ranging from massive to tiny.  Apparently Utah and the surrounding areas are rich in pits where archeologists have found many remains.  One can even watch through the glass as scientists actively work on more bones in their laboratory.  The museum turned out to be a change of plans that may have been better than our original plan.

After that- Happy Dance!!!- IKEA Store!  This girl had never been to an IKEA store and has wanted to forever.  What fun!  Filled a shopping bag with things we couldn’t pass up, ate the meat balls and walked a couple miles.  Loved the complete home displays.  How great it would be if RV manufactures would outfit RVs with IKEAs space saving, functional furnishings and designs.

John has hidden a rock in the grass and we are headed off to Idaho today.

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