Hobo Hot Springs

Saturday, June 2:  Wowza!  Hot water!!  Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga, Wyoming has a community swim pool and two hot spring pools.  The first is a cool 104 degrees.  The second is 116 or more!  Yikes! We tried the hot pool first and just couldn’t do it, so we pre-cooked ourselves in the 104 pool and then tried the hot again.  Success! After a good long soak and a shower I felt fantastic.  I was doing deep knee bends, just because I could with no pain.  Terrific!  Hobo Hot Pools are open 24/7 with no fee.  What an awesome asset for a town to have.

We checked out the local grocery.  Wyoming all the way, with dead animal trophy’s hanging on around the perimeter walls and a big grizzly at the door to greet you.  The parking lot was full of pickup trucks, some shiny clean, others plastered with a good coating of ranch dust.  When we left the grocery we came upon a mule deer doing some shopping on main street!  We treated ourselves to a restaurant lunch.  I got a kick out of the embroidered sign in the bathroom.

Saratoga has a neat little museum with displays about rocks and the dinosaur diggings in the area.  I was quite taken with the size of a mastodon tooth.  HUGE! We took a short walk over the North Platte River.  The river is adjacent to the hot springs.  There were young teen boys lolling about in a rock pool at rivers edge where the hot water discharges and mixes with the cold river water.


The next morning John left a rock IMG_2639and we hitched up and picked up I-80 again, headed for Rock Springs, Wyoming.




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