Flaming Gorge, Wyoming and Utah

Sunday & Monday. June 4-5:  The KOA in Rock Springs, Wyoming is a rocky gravel parking lot with full hook up sites.  Our little slice of gravel is a mere $48 per night. Ack! But it has a laundry, clean showers and a pool.  It suits our purpose while we visit Flaming Gorge Recreation Area.  Flaming Gorge lies half in Wyoming and half in Utah.  So Monday morning we head south on scenic 191, sixty-four miles to the Flaming Gorge Dam.  We drive through wide open rugged terrain populated by pronghorn, a few cattle, a stray mule deer and scrubby plants.  There are astonishing rock formations, random rock chimneys and stunning mountain vistas.

At the bottom of our loop is the dam and after a missed turn or two we find the visitor center. We take a tour and learn all sorts of facts about when it was completed, 1964, how tall, 502 feet and all kinds of bonus stuff about water temps, fishes, generator power and so on. It made me dizzy just walking across on the fenced walkway.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch at one of the covered picnic tables with a great view of the reservoir waters.

After lunch we headed north on Highway 44, stopping at the Red Canyon Visitor Center for spectacular views 1700 feet above the lake.  The canyon has beautiful red walls and way down at the bottom we could see a few tiny boats traveling the water.  Our pictures don’t do it justice, it was incredible.

Next we entered the Sheep Creek Geologic Loop drive.  We had been told to go to the Sheep Creek Overlook and then turn around.  We drove and drove through tight turns, switchbacks, steep climbs, dizzying descents and jaw dropping views everywhere.  We descended very deep into the canyon and began to worry that we had taken a wrong turn and were on a dead end road to totally lost.  We turned around and headed back, going up, up, up, while John watched the transmission temperature rise as well.  Once we arrived back at the beginning we realized we hadn’t made a wrong turn and were probably 3/4 of the way through the loop when we turned around.  Never the less it was truly spectacular.   If you had the time and adventuring spirit, one can hike, fish, raft, hunt, camp and pretty much all things outdoors in this beautiful wilderness area. In my next life, I will be sure to do all of the above, and make sure I have better maps while I am at it!

IMG_2727We returned to our RV home feeling very glad that we had taken a day to explore this amazing area.  We were also very appreciative of someone’s foresight (me, LOL)  to put dinner in the crock-pot before we left in the morning.  Another great day for the BGT!

John left two rocks at different spots at the KOA and on Tuesday a.m. we headed off for Salt Lake City , Utah.

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