Tuesday, May 29, 2018     Starting to wonder if we should rename this trip from Bad Grandma Tour to Bad Weather Tour!  We left the heat (and a rock)IMG_2522  behind and came into Nebraska.  I was really looking forward to predicted high of 74 and partly cloudy.  Instead things changed to pouring rain, booming thunder, drizzling rain and grumbling rumbles of thunder.  So here we are snugged up again in our lovely rolling home.

We are staying one night in a beautiful State Park, near Kearney, Nebraska about 5 miles off the interstate.  Big spacious sites set around small lakes or ponds. Lots of trees and shade.  Would be a great park for bike riding and when I took a quick walk between rain showers I discovered that the camp host site has about fifty bicycles for borrowing.  A sign explains that there is no need to sign bikes in or out, just return to the racks after use.  Sweet!  Maybe we will wake up to sunny skies and cool temps tomorrow and sneak in a quick ride before we take off to Sidney, Nebraska.

Here’s some pictures of our lovely spot.  Reminds us of camping back at our pond on Indianwood Road.  We saw a huge fish jump (carp?) while we were eating dinner. Big – like five or seven pounds!  John is spending the evening painting rocks.

And one more picture just so you know its not always beautiful fun and games.  Here is a shot of our view while we waited at a propane fill station to get our propane tanks filled. IMG_2526

Note this was our SECOND stop for this supposed to be little job, as the the first place was all closed up with no one in sight.  This stop was open but we had to wait for the fill person to arrive from somewhere up the road.  But its done now.  Why do we need propane when its been boiling hot out?  The fridge runs on propane when its not plugged into electricity.  In fact we had some trouble with the fridge struggling to keep cold that we had attributed to the heat and hot sun beating on the fridge side of our RV, but when John opened the outside panel to make sure the pilot re-lit after changing the tanks, he discovered the motor was unplugged!!!! The plug had somehow jiggled loose after the thousands of miles since John last had that panel open. So the electric wasn’t running the fridge and when we ran out of propane, it had nothing to keep it going.  Fingers crossed that was the problem.  Working great again now.

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