John Deere

I was up and outside drinking my coffee this morning at 5:30.  Later I figured out we have entered a different time zone so for me it was my regular start at 6:30.  Glad I went out side, the early morning light caught the dam or lock over the Mississippi and lit it up with a pink glow.  Awesome.


Later in the morning we went to John Deere Headquarters for a factory tour.  For this extensive tour we road on a tram through the giant factory where they build HUGE combines.  We had to wear safety classes, no open toed shoes and NO photographs allowed.  We wore head gear to protect our ears from the loud factory noise and to hear our tour guide narrate the tour.  Each combine is sold before it even begins construction.  They have one sitting inside the visitor center, which John and I (like little kids) climbed the stairs to sit in the cab.  Very comfy seat too.  You can have one for a mere $650,000!

We did a much needed grocery stop and came home (our RV is definitely “home” to us) just in time for a big rain storm.  Felt so dry and comfortable inside eating our lunch and listening to local county radio while the rain poured outside.

The lone tent camper site in our park looked deserted,  I am sure they took off to find someplace dry.  The campground filled up today with Memorial weekend campers.  I saw the gatekeeper turning away a very frustrated camper who was looking for a open site.  Glad I made our reservations months ago, as I would hate to be driving around looking for a place to park.  Next week we had two nights open with no reservations.  I was hoping to snag another no fee spot, but with temps predicted to be in the 90’s I made reservations today for campgrounds with electric for our air conditioner.

Tomorrow we are day tripping over the Mississippi into Iowa, to a big farmers market and to the TV famous American Pickers Store.  Maybe we’ll find some huge rusty thingy that we MUST HAVE to drag to California and back!

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