Mr and Mrs Metzmaker

5/21/2018  First stop at Camp Turkeyville, Marshall, MI.  Our daughter Theresa, changed  from Miss to Mrs!  What a fabulous, wonderful wedding, surrounded by loving family, good friends, great food, music and RAIN.  Yep her outside wedding had to make a quick shift to inside shortly after starting.  But the bride looked fabulous both times as she made two processionals on the arm of her happy Dad.  We feel truly blessed that our three children have chosen wonderful spouses.  What a great beginning for our trip!IMG_2373(1)IMG_2375

We stayed four nights at Camp Turkeyville, a newer very developed campground next to a very popular restaurant also name Turkeyville.  Guess what they serve?  Wedding activities kept us very busy, but I would entertain returning with grandchildren to enjoy the pools, ride the miniature railroad and go to nearby Binder Park Zoo.  We chatted with two fellow campers during departure preparations.  Both are seniors, living full-time in their RVs.  One Workamping, one paying seasonal rents.  Both seemed very happy with their situations.  I entertain unloading all our stuff and joining the full-time RV lifestyle, but it is daunting and doubtful that we could actually rid our lives of all our stuff and sticks and bricks buildings.

John hid a rock

IMG_4487(1) and we moved ninety three miles north to Steamboat Campground very near Grand Rapids and our youngest grandchild.  We want to hug and enjoy little PJ before we leave Michigan.  He will have his first birthday before we return. (Remember the BGT?)  It is very likely we will be road tripping again soon after we return from this trip to see him in his new home.  Mom and Dad are moving to Indiana soon.

Our camp site at Steamboat is on the Grand River.  There is a big steamboat that you can book for river tours.  Our river front site is supposed to have a nice spot for your lawn chairs along the riverside.       FullSizeRender   Lots and lots of rain have our site a bit submerged.  Fortunately there was a short well timed break upon our arrival.  We quickly set up and settled in with blankets over our laps, cups of tea and ham bone bean soup warming in the crock-pot. We spent the afternoon listening to the pattering rain (and watching the river water rise).  So very cozy, this is why we love our RV!














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