Who are we?

We are John and Kati Squires. We live in Northeast Michigan, near but not on Lake Huron. We fondly call Northern Michigan “Gods Country” and we love living here but we also love to travel.
We travel with a 2010 25′ Forest River Wildcat fifth wheel. She is very comfortable for us with opposing slides in the living room, making it quite spacious in the main living area. No slide in the bedroom makes that area a little tight, but it works for us. Our tow vehicle is a 2013 GMC Sierra 2500 diesel. John says it pulls our 5r with no struggles at all.
We are opening this blog to share our newest adventure with family and friends as we travel from Michigan to Northern California, up through Oregon and Washington and then back home on a more northern route, with stops at one of my bucket list items, Glacier National Park and Teddy Roosevelt National Park then through Michigan’s Upper Pennisula, accross the Mighty Mac and then home.
It has been really exciting to plan this trip, reading about great places to see, looking for good sites at campgrounds in the areas we are going and planning for fun times. Extra exciting for us as when we traveled west before with our children we made it to Yellowstone and the Tetons but we never had time to go all the way to the western coast. Retirement is a wonderful thing.
Here is our Roadtrippers map showing our route.

Over 7,000 miles and 70+ days

John has been painting rocks to leave behind at our campsites along the way.  Perhaps you have found one and that has brought you here! Welcome, glad to meet you! A sampling of John’s rocks:


We will be shoving off May 17, 2018.  I call this trip the B.G.T. “Bad Grandma Tour” due to I will be missing every single one of my three grandchildrens birthdays!  BUT we start out with a WEDDING. So there is that!  Let the B.G.T. begin!

4 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Love it, Kati. So glad we can track you guys and keep in touch. John’s “painted rocks” are wonderful. You need to park in our driveway again and leave one here. See you in 1 1/2.


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